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6 Emirates A Day Tour

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6 Emirates A Day Tour in Dubai

6 Emirates A Day Tour Trip To Dubai Creek and the surrounding historical area have their own charm which you can discover from the top.

From the beautiful views of the city’s oldest areas such as the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and Al Barajeel visible in its corners to watching the boats and the abra as they cross the waters of the creek to and from, this trip takes you to witness the most beautiful viewpoints while overlooking the Dubai Creek Golf and Yachting Club with its sail-like design to add to the beauty of the view.

6 Emirates A Day Tour Intro

Emirates is an airline of the United Arab Emirates and is part of the Emirates Group. It is the second-largest airline in terms of passengers carried and the second-largest cargo carrier as well. In its history, it has grown from a small airline into one of the most recognized airlines in the world.

The Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is a huge picture of Dubai, located on top of the Dubai Mall. It was designed by architect Fernando Donis and built-in 2015 as part of an exhibition called “Emirates A-Day” (which means “Day of Emirates”), which celebrates the city’s sporting events.

The frame itself is made up of steel and glass, making it one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. It can be seen from anywhere in town—and even from space! In addition to being an important tourist attraction for residents who want to take pictures with it or just marvel at its beauty because they’re excited about football games happening nearby, this structure also attracts visitors who want to see what life would look like if you were able actually to live inside it (we’ll get back onto this later).

East Coast Tour

The East Coast Tour is a must-do when you visit Dubai. This tour starts at the Palm Jumeirah and ends at the Atlantis, The Palm. It also includes a visit to Dubai Marina and Burj Al Arab as well as Dubai Mall.

The first stop on this tour is Aquaventure Water Park located near Palm Jumeirah. You get to enjoy some rides here which include Thrill Rides and Boomerang Flume Funnel Slide Ride (worth getting wet). There’s also a children’s playground where kids can have fun while their parents relax in one of the many cafes nearby or enjoy some food from one of many restaurants nearby such as Koya Japanese Restaurant or Aroma Cafe & Bar for Japanese cuisine with views over Burj Al Arab and Atlantis The Palm Hotel hotels!

Ras Al Khaimah Tour

Ras Al Khaimah is the northernmost emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The city is known for its beautiful beaches and mountains, as well as its souks, which are a collection of shops selling traditional goods.

The Jebel Hafeet mountain range rises to 1,778 meters (6,049 feet) above sea level at Jebel Jais and covers more than 3% of Ras Al Khaimah’s total landmass; it’s home to both freshwater springs and saltwater lagoons—perfect places to go swimming! If you’re interested in hiking Mount Hafeet itself or visiting other nearby attractions like Jumeirah Mosque / Sheikh Zayed Road or Marina Mall, there are plenty of hiking trails available near these sites.

Fujairah Tour

Fujairah is a city in the United Arab Emirates, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in this part of the world. The city has many beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and stunning views of palm trees and desert landscapes. It’s also home to some excellent scuba diving opportunities, so if you’re interested in exploring this area then it might be worth spending some time here too!

Desert Safari Dubai

The desert safari is a great way to discover the beauty of Dubai. You will see the sand dunes, camels, and other animals that live in this area. The duration of this tour is 4 hours and it takes place at sunrise or sunset.

You need to bring with you a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a water bottle (in case you get thirsty).

Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving is a thrilling experience that you should try. It’s an exciting way to spend your birthday or any other day of the year!

If you love adventure and adrenaline, skydiving will be your new favorite activity in Dubai. Skydiving gives you the chance to see Dubai from a different perspective and experience exhilarating feelings of freedom and flight as well as many other benefits such as improved blood circulation and reduced stress levels (which means less anxiety).

Skydive Dubai is the top skydiving company located at Palm Jumeirah, Mina Seyahi, next to Burj Al Arab. Join our experiences and videos now!

Skydive Dubai is the top skydiving company located at Palm Jumeirah, Mina Seyahi, next to Burj Al Arab. Join our experiences and videos now!

The Skydiving Dubai team has over 15 years of experience with thousands of jumps made by their professional instructors. They are one of the best skydiving schools in the world because they teach their students how to fly like a bird so that they can achieve an adrenaline rush from their first jump ever!

Come and see Dubai from a different angle! Only open for 18 months so far, the Dubai Frame has become an icon of the Emirate. Book online today!

The Dubai Frame is a landmark in the city of Dubai. It’s located at the top of the Emirates Towers and was opened to the public in 2015. With its 103 meters height, it’s not only an icon but also a new symbol of this young Emirate.

The frame has become an icon for many reasons: it’s located on top of one of the most famous buildings in Dubai, with views over all parts of this metropolis; it gives visitors an opportunity to feel like they’re partaking in some kind of adventure when they climb up inside, and most importantly – it allows them access to see things from above!

Experience a desert safari in Dubai with Arabian Adventures. Enjoy sandboarding, falconry, henna painting, camel rides, and much more on your desert tour.

A desert safari is a fun way to explore the Arabian Desert and experience some of its best attractions. A tour combines several activities, including sandboarding at Al Ain Adventure Park, falconry at Dubai Falconry Center, and henna painting with the Meena Tribe women of Sheba Desert Tours. You can also go on camel rides or visit historical sites such as the ancient city of Petra or Wadi Rum.

The cost of your trip depends on how many days you want to spend in Dubai and what type of activities you would like to participate in. For example, if all you want is a day trip from Jumeirah Beach Residence Hotel then expect about USD$50 per person for accommodation only (taxes included). If however, this includes transportation into town then this price could increase slightly; however, most hotels will offer discounted rates if booked well ahead before the arrival date!


Emirates A-Day is one of the most anticipated events in Dubai. This year, we will be bringing you all the latest news and updates on Emirates. Dubai is a beautiful city that has been built for a reason: to be a place that people want to visit. There are so many things to see and do, from exploring the desert on safari tours in Dubai or visiting one of the various museums in town (like Dubai Museum or Deira City Center), there’s something for everyone!

6 Emirates in a Day

4 Hours Tour
Tour Service:Daily 
Tour Duration:12 Hours
Pick up:8:30AM
Drop off:8:30PM
Adult Price:AED 500
Child Price (3 to 9):AED 450

Includes & Excludes

Terms & Condition

  • Rates square measure in AED ( UAE Dirhams).
  • Children rates square measure applicable to the age bracket of 3-9 years.
  •  All Our Vehicles for tours and expedition square measure equipped with emergency kits, asphyxiators, safety belts, and air conditioners, authorized and insured to hold up to 6 passengers, excluding the Driver. Passengers should wear their seat belts for the least bit of time.
  • Passengers should have their personal insurance for the least bit of time.
  • Passengers square measure reminded that photography of military and a few government Installations is prohibited. With reference to native customs. perpetually raise before taking photos of Arabs and don’t photograph Arab women.
  • Passengers afflicted with issues associated with the center, neck, or back, or other upset, similar to infants and pregnant girls aren’t allowed on the expedition.
  • SMOKING and DRINKING are prohibited all told Our Vehicles.DDTours reserves the right to change or cancel any part of the program thanks to weather conditions. Government laws, public holidays, etc. while not previous notice. g. NO refund. -Any tours off thanks to weather don’t fetch.
  •  Any tour Is off 48 hours before departure full payment is refunded.
  •  NO REFUND if the tour is off 48 hours before the departure.
  •  NO REFUND if the customer doesn’t show up on the driver’s arrival.
  • If someone has not picked up on tour day and he/she does not contact us during the given pick-up time there will be NO REFUND.
  •  All payments should be created upon confirmation of tours.
  •  Thursdays/Fridays (Certain excursions could carry a surcharge couple to the restricted convenience of seals.)
  •  Tours could also be off thanks to poor weather.


Al Ain City Tour

Al Ain Hotel Complex: You will be taken on a tour of what is considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels in all of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This includes not only your hotel but also restaurants and shopping malls that are located within it as well as other local attractions like museums etc…


The Emirate of Dubai has made a qualitative leap in the field of urban development and economic prosperity during the past years, as this city has turned into a global center for business, trade and modern technology exhibitions. With the authentic Arab heritage and culture, we decided today at MyBayut to take you on a tour of the most ancient areas of Dubai.


Sharjah is a city located in the United Arab Emirates, and it’s often called the “City of Happiness”. Its name derives from its location on the Sharjah-Ras Al Khaimah border. This region has been inhabited since prehistoric times, with evidence of human habitation dating back more than 5,000 years ago discovered at Jebel Buhari. It was once known as Jibal al Harazim or “The Rose Garden” due to its lush vegetation. 


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