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Musandam Dibba Tour

In Dubai, take the mesmerizing Musandam Dibba tour to see the new world. Dibba Sea Safari is the current name of this tour. While in Dubai or Oman, take a Dibba dhow cruise here. This is going to be a great tour where you can savor delicious food and take in stunning views. One of the tours that UAE tourists should take is the Musandam Dibba Tour, which will be an unforgettable travel experience. Travelers also appreciate the clean water for swimming. You will appreciate the Dhow staff, swimming, beach access, a speedboat ride, a banana boat ride, fishing, and other activities on this trip. There are numerous other activities, such as sports, and kayaking with the best assistance for each traveler will also include snacks, drinks, and food.

We make every kind of pre-trip preparation, and we also take care of the trip formalities with a smile. In the interim, passengers enjoy a delicious international meal served on board the ship as they travel. After lunch, you get enough rest to prepare for water sports and enjoy other delicious dishes like pasta and green salads. After completing this journey in a vehicle with air conditioning, we will arrive at Dibba in Musandam, where we will then embark on a thrilling banana boat ride. On board, you can drink whatever you want, and the underwater world is incredibly diverse. The blue sea is home to exotic marine life, and tourists can also enjoy the unspoiled coastline.

Dibba Musandam Tour

Do you get bored with the way you work every day in Dubai? Do you need to unwind your mind? The Musandam peninsula could help you in this situation. Oman’s Musandam Dibba is a popular tourist destination near the Ras al Khaimah border. From the UAE, it’s one of the best weekend getaways. A Musandam Dhow cruise package from us is the best way to see Oman’s small but stunning beauty. Dubai Tourex, LLC provides some cost-effective Musandam tour packages that depart from Dubai.

Musandam Dibba Tour Packages

A luxury, air-conditioned bus will pick you up and drop you off at Spinny (opposite Burjuman Center), Grand Hotel (Al Qusais), and your hotel for an additional fee on our Musandam trip from Dubai. We offer a variety of Musandam tour packages, including day trips from Dubai and overnight tour packages that include camping. Our trip to Musandam from Dubai is a fantastic way to cut costs. Our Musandam Dibba deals are available to UAE residents as well as tourists. Our company offers discounted overnight Musandam trips because we are Dubai’s leading and best Musandam tour operator.

We are a leading Dubai Tourex company based in Dubai, the UAE’s busiest city. We have a unique selection of Musandam Tour Packages departing from Dubai to meet your travel and vacation requirements. While ensuring that we uphold the highest professional standards and quality, our tour packages are affordable. Our Musandam Trip and Tour Packages include a Musandam Dhow Cruise from Dubai, Dibba, and Sharjah, tours of archaeological sites, boat rides, sands tours, mountain safari tours, snorkeling, and a tour of Khasab city.

Day Trip to Musandam from Dubai

Camping and dining on local fare. While Khasab is also where we do business, our main office is in Dubai. The region is perhaps of the trick of the trade any guest can expect to find. Allow us to show you around and meet all of your requirements. Our most important value is that Dubai Tourex provides the best boat rides in traditional dhows with friendly, sincere employees. Snorkeling gear is provided to passengers on our Musandam Dhow Cruise excursions in case they wish to dive into crystal-clear waters. If you want, you can swim and see the stunning coral reef.

In the Khasab region, our Musandam tour packages will take you to the most impressive and richest archaeological sites. We promise archaeologists that you will have a great time as our staff will answer your questions. Prepare to be mesmerized by the Hasat Bin Salt, an ancient rock with ancient inscriptions, and the old forts on the site. You will be treated to an excellent narration of the history of the old buildings and antiques because our guides are local residents of the area. You will have the opportunity to learn about the enigmatic legends and myths that surround the places.

In addition, we collaborate with knowledgeable local guides to provide hiking and trekking excursions. This is a great opportunity for tourists to interact with tour guides and gain a deeper understanding of the local culture. If you want to spend the night in the great outdoors, Dubai Tourex will also take care of your camping needs. We check our high-quality tents and other gear on a regular basis to make sure they do their job well. We also make sure that you don’t miss out on the chance to savor the local cuisine that has been made using the same techniques for generations.

Dibba Musandam Tour Trip Cost

It is our pleasure to offer you the best vacation experience you will ever have in this region. Make sure to let people know about Dubai Tourex and the Khasab after you leave. Be ready for the trip of a lifetime when you book your Musandam tour package now and take advantage of our affordable prices.

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Musandam Dibba Tour

9 Hours Tour
Tour Service:Daily
Tour Duration:9 Hours
Pick up:8:30 to 9:00AM
Drop off:5:00 too 5:30PM
Adult Price:AED 350
Child Price (3 to 9):AED 300

Includes & Excludes

Terms & Condition

  • Rates square measure in AED ( UAE Dirhams).
  • Children rates square measure applicable to age bracket of 3-9 years.
  •  All Our Vehicles for tours and expedition square measure equipped with emergency kit, asphyxiator, safety belts and air conditiner, authorised and insured to hold up to 6 passengers, excluding the Driver. Passengers should wear their seat belts the least bit times.
  • Passengers should have their personal insurance the least bit times.
  • Passengers square measure reminded that photography of military and a few government Installations is prohibited. With reference to native customs. perpetually raise before taking photos of Arabs and don’t photograph Arab women.
  • Passengers afflicted with issues associated with the center, neck or back, or the other upset, similarly as infants and pregnant girls aren’t allowed on the expedition.
  • SMOKING and DRINKING is prohibited all told Our Vehicles.DDTours reserves the rights to change or cancel any a part of the program thanks to weather conditions. Government laws, public holidays etc. while not previous notice. g. NO refund. -Any tours off thanks to weather don’t fetch.
  •  Any tour Is off 48 hours before departure full payment is refunded.
  •  NO REFUND if the tour is off 48 hours before the departure.
  •  NO REFUND if the customer doesn’t show up on driver’s arrival.
  • If someone has not pick up on tour day and he/she do not contact us during the given pick up time there will be NO REFUND.
  •  All payment should be created upon confirmation of tours.
  •  Thursdays/Fridays (Certain excursions could carry a surcharge couple to restricted convenience of seals.)
  •  Tours could also be off thanks to poor weather.



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We hope you enjoyed reading about our Dubai city tour. If you decide to book with us, we look forward to seeing you in just a few weeks’ time! Dubai has grown quickly since its founding in 1971. It’s a mix of old and new, with both cultures rubbing against each other. And the result is a city that has become known for its skyscrapers.


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