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Luxury Desert Safari in Hummer

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AED 350

Luxury Desert Safari Dubai

Experiences like the Luxury Desert Safari are once-in-a-lifetime. You will be taken to a remote ranch where you can hunt, ride camels, and ride horses. Your meal will be served by members of our staff, who will also ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the day. Visit today to take in the stunning vistas of the Colorado Desert that accompany everything!

The Desert Safari, which includes camel riding, quad biking, and 4×4 jeep safaris, is an unforgettable experience for the entire family. You’ll experience an authentic village setting as you travel through the dunes on this lavish desert safari. You will meet members of the local Bedouin tribe and learn how to ride a camel or horse in the traditional way there.

The desert safari includes a stay at one of our five-star hotels in Dubai (Abu Dhabi), Oman, or Muscat, Oman’s capital, which has a lot to do, including museums and luxury resorts with views of beautiful beaches.

If you want to go on a fun and exciting desert safari, you should only go to Luxury Desert Safari! The most extravagant location is here. If you’re planning a trip to the desert safari, do it in style. As for the dune trains, we offer a luxurious “hummer desert safari” style roller coaster ride and you will be in an outrageous Hummer. Our drivers are exceptional as they skilfully move through and around the high sand dunes of the Dubai desert, capturing your heart and adding to the thrill. The most exciting part of the ride is the sharp turns that send sand flying through the car windows.

After the amazing ride, you are now in the base camp, the Hummer will take you to the base camp where the essence of Arab life awaits you with unparalleled fun. Our staff will welcome you deeply with Arabic tea and dates, after which you can smoke bubbly Hubli, paint your hands with henna, pose with Arabic clothes, or shop and buy gifts from the shops in the camp while enjoying a desert safari

Luxury Safari Dubai in Hummer

Hummer Desert Safari can be really actually just a fantastic approach to having Dubai desert because we all put away to Hummer Safari at the day with your professional manuals hardcore motorists. Our skills will reveal to you a fresh desert universe because you could like together with the journey of hummer H2. 

Moving throughout the fabulous gold sand slopes you are like a racing dune bashing. Since your excitement reaches its peak when you awaken and down with all the rolling streets of the Dubai desert, this can induce one to begin yelling with delight. Next exciting and adventuresome time we proceed towards the next measure a private sand dressing table along with also ride, the pleasure will be in summit since you choose an intriguing slip farther down the dune.

Here hitting towards the top of the dune you are going to have the charming Sun Set of Hummer Desert Safari. The projecting day beams of Sun Set will definitely enchant you personally.

Following such a great thrill we’ll drop you off in Dubai Desert camp at which you can relish desert open tools along with hands-on frond having a” Majlis” because its centerpiece. You’re going to soon likely probably be greeted with a conventional welcome.

On the day Hummer Desert Safari Dubai you are going to be functioned together with a worldwide buffet supper using yummy B.B.Q. beneath the widescreen Dubai desert skies. Aside from this additionally you will have the heavenly beats of the Desert using great gut dancing. Embark with this charming nighttime today therefore can you not forget these great occasions.

Hummer Desert Safari Deals

The Humvee class of military vehicles includes the Hummer H2 brand of trucks. Our expert safari drivers will take you on an unforgettable adventure on a Hummer desert safari that combines the beauty of the deep Arabian desert with the thrill and class of a Hummer. Our knowledgeable desert guides will show you a new world as you enjoy the Hummer H2 ride. navigating the magnificent red sand dunes of the Lehbab Desert. 

While you’re having a thrilling time dune bashing, we’ll stop in the middle of the desert to take pictures so you can remember Dubai’s stunning deserts. We move on to our next location, a Bedouin-style camp in the desert where you can have the most fun sandboarding and riding a camel. 

The enchanting sunset of the Hummer Desert Safari will be visible once you reach the summit of a dunes. You can also ride a quad bike inside the camp, where you can relax and watch live entertainment and musical performances. You can eat at the end of this tour, and we’ll drive you home in a Hummer.

Hummer Desert Safari

6 Hours Tour
Tour Service: Daily / Afternoon – Evening
Tour Duration: 6 Hours
Pick up: 03:00PM to 03:30PM
Drop off: 09:00PM to 09:30PM
Adult Price: AED 350
Child Price (3 to 9): AED 300
Infant: Free

Includes & Excludes

Terms & Condition

  • Rates square measure in AED ( UAE Dirhams).
  • Children rates square measure applicable to the age bracket of 3-9 years.
  •  All Our Vehicles for tours and expedition square measure equipped with emergency kits, asphyxiators, safety belts, and air conditioners, authorized and insured to hold up to 6 passengers, excluding the Driver. Passengers should wear their seat belts for the least bit of time.
  • Passengers should have their personal insurance for the least bit of time.
  • Passengers square measure reminded that photography of military and a few government Installations is prohibited. With reference to native customs. perpetually raise before taking photos of Arabs and don’t photograph Arab women.
  • Passengers afflicted with issues associated with the center, neck, or back, or other upset, similar to infants and pregnant girls aren’t allowed on the expedition.
  • SMOKING and DRINKING are prohibited all told Our Vehicles.DDTours reserves the right to change or cancel any part of the program thanks to weather conditions. Government laws, public holidays, etc. while not previous notice. g. NO refund. -Any tours off thanks to weather don’t fetch.
  •  Any tour Is off 48 hours before departure full payment is refunded.
  •  NO REFUND if the tour is off 48 hours before the departure.
  •  NO REFUND if the customer doesn’t show up on the driver’s arrival.
  • If someone has not picked up on tour day and he/she does not contact us during the given pick-up time there will be NO REFUND.
  •  All payments should be created upon confirmation of tours.
  •  Thursdays/Fridays (Certain excursions could carry a surcharge couple to the restricted convenience of seals.)
  •  Tours could also be off thanks to poor weather.



The Red Dunes Desert Safari is the ultimate family adventure. Surrounded by stunning dunes, you’ll ride camels through the desert and have a barbecue dinner with your friends and family at the dunes desert safari. If you’re looking for an adventure that is suitable for families, this is the place for you.


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If you’re looking for an adventure, the Thrilling Red Dune Desert Safari is the perfect way to enjoy Dubai’s sand dunes. With this adventure, you will travel across an open desert landscape on a 4×4 vehicle while watching sunset and enjoying soft drinks, water, and light snacks. The thrill of dune bashing through the red sand dunes will be unforgettable!


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