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The Emirate of Dubai has made a qualitative leap in the field of urban development and economic prosperity during the past years, as this city has turned into a global center for business, trade and modern technology exhibitions. With the authentic Arab heritage and culture, we decided today at MyBayut to take you on a tour of the most ancient areas of Dubai that embody the past through the eyes of the present.


 Dubai perfectly combines the past, present and future, for example some of the heritage sites in this emirate are located close to some of the tallest towers in the world! Let’s explore together the most prominent areas and landmarks of the old emirate, including the old Dubai market and the Seef market, in addition to the old gold market Dubai and others.


Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood reflects the old traditional lifestyle in the region from the mid-nineteenth century until the seventies of the twentieth century. Today’s cold weather, as well as narrow corridors built from materials popular at the time, including plaster, coral stone, teak, fronds, and others.

There are many things that embody the lifestyle of our ancestors in Dubai in the past, including prominent buildings and landmarks, including cultural centers and museums, perhaps the most prominent of which is the old Dubai Museum, which was used as the seat of the ruler of the emirate and a center for its defense since 1787.


The history of the Dubai spice market dates back to nearly a hundred years, as it was built 160 years ago, and it is one of the most popular markets in Dubai, whose spices are imported from East and South Asia

The charm of the market lies in its corridors, where you can enjoy the heritage beauty, architecture and the old folk atmosphere of the city, in addition to being one of the most prominent cultural, economic and tourist destinations in Dubai in particular and the Emirates in general, which makes it a suitable option for those wishing to visit one of the old Dubai markets that reflect the heritage and culture of the country. .


If you have passed by the old Dubai Museum and want to explore more about the history of this emirate, we advise you to visit Al Shindagha Museum in Bur Dubai. A primitive region that relies on fishing and navigation to a thriving tech city.


Al Seif Market simulates the style of the old markets in Dubai in terms of designs and atmosphere. The markets are spread next to each other along Al Seif Street Dubai. The market is also famous for its diversity of goods, to include fabrics, spices and perfumes, as well as crafts and handicrafts, as well as a group of Al Seef Dubai restaurants and cafes. Which reflects the traditional face of the emirate.Evening Red Dunes Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner

6 Hours Tour
Tour Service: Daily / Afternoon – Evening
Tour Duration: 6 Hours
Pick up: 2:30PM to 03:00PM
Drop off: 08:00PM to 08:30PM
Adult Price: AED 130
Child Price (3 to 9): AED 110
Infant: Free

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Terms & Condition

  • Rates square measure in AED ( UAE Dirhams).
  • Children rates square measure applicable to age bracket of 3-9 years.
  •  All Our Vehicles for tours and expedition square measure equipped with emergency kit, asphyxiator, safety belts and air conditiner, authorised and insured to hold up to 6 passengers, excluding the Driver. Passengers should wear their seat belts the least bit times.
  • Passengers should have their personal insurance the least bit times.
  • Passengers square measure reminded that photography of military and a few government Installations is prohibited. With reference to native customs. perpetually raise before taking photos of Arabs and don’t photograph Arab women.
  • Passengers afflicted with issues associated with the center, neck or back, or the other upset, similarly as infants and pregnant girls aren’t allowed on the expedition.
  • SMOKING and DRINKING is prohibited all told Our Vehicles.DDTours reserves the rights to change or cancel any a part of the program thanks to weather conditions. Government laws, public holidays etc. while not previous notice. g. NO refund. -Any tours off thanks to weather don’t fetch.
  •  Any tour Is off 48 hours before departure full payment is refunded.
  •  NO REFUND if the tour is off 48 hours before the departure.
  •  NO REFUND if the customer doesn’t show up on driver’s arrival.
  • If someone has not pick up on tour day and he/she do not contact us during the given pick up time there will be NO REFUND.
  •  All payment should be created upon confirmation of tours.
  •  Thursdays/Fridays (Certain excursions could carry a surcharge couple to restricted convenience of seals.)
  •  Tours could also be off thanks to poor weather.



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