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Have you booked your Dubai tour tickets? When you were waiting for your pick-up driver for your first desert experience in Dubai, you suddenly realized that you had no idea what to wear.

What to wear in the Dubai Desert

The topic of attire in Dubai can be contentious; On the one hand, the most important piece of advice in the dress code is to always dress modestly because you are going to a Muslim country.

On the other hand, half-dressed models flaunting in the sun fill your Instagram feed. Include contradictory advice from travel forums regarding what is and is not appropriate in various circumstances. It IS perplexing!

In our guide to “what to wear in Dubai” over here, we try to cover as many of these different scenarios as we can. However, it is essential to keep in mind that you will probably need a few different outfits when packing for Dubai!

You could wear a dozen different outfits, even on a brief stopover; What might be useful and appropriate for the beach is most definitely not appropriate for a mosque or museum. A Dubai Desert Safari brings an entirely different arrangement of closet situations!

because one of the most popular things to do in Dubai is to go on a desert safari. We are going to go into great detail about what to anticipate, what you will be doing on a desert safari, and how to dress appropriately.

Take all of this advice with a grain of salt, and do what makes you and your circumstance happy. Just prioritize modesty and cultural sensitivity over fashion.

What to wear in Dubai Desert
What to wear in Dubai Desert

What factors should I consider when selecting clothing for Dubai’s desert?

Dressing for the Weather

The temperature changes even at a short distance from the skyscrapers. When you get away from the city during the winter, this change can make it as much as 10 degrees Celsius cooler. While you may have worn bathing suits to the beach during the day, for a desert safari in Dubai at night, you will need long jeans and a cardigan or pullover.

If it doesn’t rain or you need a heavier down coat, a light top with long sleeves should be fine.

In contrast, it’s hot in the summer. Sometimes it’s just hard to describe how to a first-timer with enough superlatives!

You will need to consider breathable materials that function admirably with abundant perspiring; think rayon, cotton, and linen for materials. Even if you don’t normally sweat a lot, realize that whatever you’re wearing will show sweat!


I was ecstatic to see the splendor of the desert for the very first time when I went on my desert safari in Dubai. It was an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime trip for me, and I had prepared as best I could for it. However, I desire; I had inquired about the dress code for the desert. Although I enjoyed my excursions—the sunrise safari as well as the evening safari—a) I came across as a buffoon, b) I was unable to participate in some activities, and c) I ended up carrying and depositing sand in places that were embarrassing to say. Thus, dressing appropriately for the desert safari requires skill. Therefore, you will need to ensure that you are dressed appropriately.

For our exercises, we would recommend

A hoodie/a poncho/a bulky pullover

As you take in the morning desert safari, you can cover up with a tank top or T-shirt. Additionally, you can bring this with you on the evening desert safari, which lasts well into the night due to the cooler temperatures in the desert.

Long-sleeved tops & comfortable trousers

Make these trendy and lightweight in cotton or linen. They will be useful for the desert safari in the early morning when the temperature is still low. Given the UAE’s general dress code, they are also an excellent choice for daytime lounging. Shorts will be the most popular. They are well-known all over the world as cool, lightweight summer clothes. Because you will spend most of your time sitting in an air-conditioned jeep, we do not recommend wearing shorts. Therefore, the shorts may not be comfortable. If you try any sand activities like sandboarding after getting out of the jeep, you might get sand in very uncomfortable places. Additionally, going on a camel ride in shorts is not very convenient. Therefore, we recommend pants. And if you have to wear shorts, try trousers that you can zip off and turn into shorts or pants that are 34 inches long.

Sunglasses, Hat & Light Shawl

Invest in high-quality sunglasses because the sun in the UAE is strong at all times. Try a hat or a light shawl if you don’t like sunglasses. Simply hold them in place; Dune slamming is like riding a roller coaster.

Comfortable Sneakers & Sandals

Because you will be driving the jeep most of the time on a dune-bashing excursion, you can wear flip-flops, light boots, or sneakers. There will be brief breaks and stops where you can get out and take pictures, stretch your legs, and take in the desert landscape. For walking on the sand dunes and keeping your feet warm at night at the camp, we recommend sneakers or light boots; however, sandals or flip-flops are fine.

Sunscreen/Lip balm

Covering yourself with sunscreen is the best way to prevent sunburns. Because the desert is dusty and dry, the lip balm will keep your lips from cracking. Make sure your sunscreen doesn’t smell, feel, or feel greasy.

Last, don’t carry your important accomplices to the desert. It’s possible that you’ll lose them in the sand. But if you have to wear accessories, straightforward, economical extras with little detail will be best in the desert. Keep in mind that going on a desert safari in Dubai is an amazing experience that many people only dream about. Therefore, to get the most out of it, make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Which color to wear on the tour through the desert?

Choose a top and bottom that are the same color or have striking prints. So your dress will jump out against all the earthy colored foundation “Desert.”As a result, we settled on a color for our attire. What to wear or what people wear in the desert is the next step; A jumpsuit, casual cotton pants, loose or stretchy pants, leggings, Bermuda shorts, or high-rise long shorts are just a few of the many options.

Summer is the best time to wear shorts. However, from November to February, the desert’s middle part gets cold after sunset and early morning.

I would recommend tops with at least half sleeves. Because you must adhere to the UAE dress code, half-sleeve shirts are appropriate for both winter and summer. Therefore, if you’re wearing a jumpsuit, cover it up with a blouse. Thus, our dress-related issue is resolved here; Now let’s get to the point: wear flip-flops, sandals, or sneakers. Sandals and flip-flops, based on our experience, are the best choices. On the off chance that you wear tennis shoes, you will take a ton of sand back to the lodging as a gift. Additionally, your feet remain immersed in the sand throughout your trip through the desert, which causes irritation when you remove the sand from your sneakers.

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